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✨ *Keyboard shortcut for creating a new file [Windows 10]* ✨

✨ *Keyboard shortcut for creating a new file [Windows 10]* ✨

I was annoyed by clicking "RMB > New > Text Document" on Desktop.

In Windows 10 you can open any program with a keyboard shortcut. It also works with (.bat) scripts. I will present 2 methods (c++ and batch file).

Create new c++ project (you can use CodeBlocks) or download exe from below and skip to the point 5.


2. Copy and paste code from here https://pastebin.com/gaz8FHTN
3. Complie program.
4. Go to the project folder > bin > Debug. Copy exe file from here to anywhere.
5. Right-click on exe and Send to > Desktop.
6. Right-click on shortcut > Properties, go to the Shortcut tab, and find the field named "Shortcut key". Now set the shortcut (for example Ctrl+Shift+F). Finally click Apply.

Batch file (It only creates one file but it can be easily improved)
1. Create new file with '.bat' extension.
2. Copy and paste code from here https://pastebin.com/X4P7zyZ7
3. Replace {your username} to your Windows username.
4. Save and move it anywhere.
Next same as in c ++ from step 5

Enjoy 👍❤️

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