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Fix pubg mobile.lag

20 Easy Settings To Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile

DSettings to fix lag

  • 1) Free device storage
  • 2) Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
  • 3) Enable 4xMSAA and change animation scales to 0.5
  • 4) Use Game Booster
  • 5) Clear Cache
  • 6) Disable Apps running in the background
  • 7) Disable Battery Optimization
  • 8) Enable overclock mode and MIUI optimization for Mi Users
  • 9) Turn Off unnecessary Services
  • 10) Install Pubg Mobile On Internal Memory Not SDCARD

Pubg Mobile Game settings to fix the lag issue

  • 11) Use the GFX Tool or BAGT Tool
  • 12) Use the right graphics settings
  • 13) Repair and Reinstall PUBG Mobile.
  • 14) Disable Mic when not required
  • 15) Choose the right server

Pubg Mobile Ping Issue Fix

  • 16) Use wifi for playing the game. And enable airplane mode.
  • 17) Use a good ISP
  • 18) Use Pinger latest version
  • 19) Toggle Airplane mode on/off to refresh the network
  • 20) Use a Gaming VPN
So that was the short answer version. Here is the in-depth ultimate guide to fixing lag in pubg mobile.

Section 1: Device Settings 

Tip 1: Free Storage space by deleting unnecessary data.

In order for you to play the game without lag, you need plenty of storage space. Big games like pubg mobile generate and delete files in the background when the game is running. If you have low storage space the process of writing and deleting data is slow. So always make sure you at least have 5GB of free storage space.

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