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A drop location is essential if you want to take social-engineering seriously; not only does it allow you to be anonymous, but it allows you to dodge any bills that companies send out. If you have managed to stay anonymous online, you will have to stay anonymous offline too. There are multiple ways this can be done, some are easy, some are not. 

Without further ado, here you have a list of useful methods to get drop addresses to us

Using carriers to your advantage


Some carriers call you a few minutes before your package is about to arrive. If you use an address that is located on your street but does not exist or you use a neighbors address, you can tell him you will be outside shortly and then you can wait for him at the street corner. This way, neither the company, nor the carrier will have your address. This method only works if you know the carrier will call you. Some countries do not have this privilege, but there is a fix for this:

Most carriers, such as UPS or DHL will have drop off points in the area and when the carrier cant find the address (or no neighbor is there to take the package) they will drop the package off at a drop off point. You will then be able to collect the item from there. But be careful, you might have to show your ID card and your tracking number for the item, but no worries, they will not scan your ID. Cameras in the drop off point might be a problem tho.

If you know the company does not bill, or you have a blacklisted address, you might be able to misspell the address and the item will still go to your house, since the carrier uses common sense to determine where it should go. If it doesn't go to your house then it will end up at a drop off point.
(Example 1: Teststreet 224 = Teststreet 2244, provided there is no 2244 on your street)
(Example 2: Teststreet 224 = Testst. 224)
(Example 3: John Smith, Teststreet 224 = Brian Colins, Teststreet 224, say you are in-laws)

Some carriers allow you to specify safe spots without you having to log in with a verified account. Make sure to check if this is possible, because if it is, you can just use a random address in your area, such as the house of your neighbor who isn't home, and say they can leave it at the door. After the delivery truck was in your street or the tracking shows 100%, you can go over there and collect your package.


Using dead addresses


Some countries have the privilege of requiring no signature for receiving a package. You can just use a dead address, like a house for sale at the moment. If the carrier allows you to specify a safe location, visit the house before the SE and then look for a safe place. In the tracking options, specify a safe place (e.g. "place the package behind the plant next to the garage door" or "leave it behind the gate in the garden")


The house for sale method also works for countries that require a signature, although this is a lengthy process. You will have to camp at the house and wait for the carrier. If the carrier provides a time window for his arrival, then you will not have to wait a long time for the package. But if the carrier arrives at your desired location, you can just come out from the back (or the garden) and collect the package. Make sure the address does not look like a house in Detroit , but one that is lived in. If the carrier asks why you come out from the back, either say you were in the process of leaving, or say your pet has to stay inside because it has to go to the vet soon, he will not ask any further questions. If the house is an apartment building, use a remote doorbell (u can buy them cheaply off of amazon, like 20 bucks each) that sends messages to your phone when someone rings. You can then quickly head to the drop location and get the item.

For small items you need to have an an address that has a mailbox. Ideally you would be using an apartment building with lots of empty apartments. Find out which is empty and then use this mailbox as your drop address. Sma

ll items that are shipped in bubble wrap envelopes will probably find their way into your desired mailbox since the delivery guys are probably too lazy to go up the stairs and knock on your door.

Using reships

There are reship companies and there are platforms for personal reshippers. I recommend none of them since they are too expensive, but here is a overview anyway:

1) Using reship companies

Reship companies might sound like a good idea at first, but not if you have to verify with your ID or use a real address where the items get sent to.
Reship companies offer you a personal company address, like (John Smith, Number 12345, Reship LLC, 123 Test Street, 99999 Fake City), therefore they might be a  blacklisted address since the company you are going to SE can clearly see that you are using a reship.
Reship companies might require a proof of purchase for the item
Reship companies might not forward goods with batteries
Reship companies might forward bills you receive!

2) Using personal reshippers

Personal reshippers are people that accept your package and then forward it to you for a fee. Their addresses are usually not blacklisted! You might get away with them sending it to a fake address so you can collect it from a drop off point. So therefore, if the reshipper guy gets a bill, he will either ignore it or send it to the fake address. No risk at all.

If you live in the city where the reshipper is located, you can go and collect the item in person, this avoids any need for an address!

Renting AirBnB's or ApartHotels

You can also rent AirBnBs and accept the items when you are there. This might not work if the carrier fails to deliver at the exact date you are there.

You can ask the host to accept packages for you before you actually arrive there. You can say that you want to buy some gifts but you are currently in another country and can't buy them there because of tax/vat reasons. The host will probably accept, since he wants good reviews anyway. You can then collect the packages there.

The same applies to ApartHotels. You basically rent your own apartment for the time you are staying there. You can also receive packages, and since you are a customer there, the reception will give you the package as soon as you show them your room card.

Using People's goodwill

Now here comes real life social engineering

Go and ring at people's doors saying that you accidentally typed in their address (or it autocompleted) for delivery address on a package you orderer online. Say it is a gift for your dad and ask them if they could be so helpful and accept the package for you. Say the delivery address couldn't be changed anymore and you tried calling them but they said they are not able to change it. Say it has been shipped now and you just wanted the person to know that they will be getting a package soon and if they could accept it. The person at the door is probably going to say yes. If he did, you can go back to your SE and use his address, but make sure the delivery doesn't take over a weeks since it seems weird that a delivery takes that long. After tracking shows 100%, go back to the house and collect your item. Make sure to bring him a box of chocolate or something.


Go to some local companies (Restaurants, Gyms, Hotels, anything that accepts packages) and say you accidentally sent a package to them since the address autocompleted in the order process, since you searched for the company earlier on Google Maps. They will most likely accept it if you are nice and make up a good story. You can do the same as above and just go there after the tracking shows 100%

Put up an ad on a local marketplace like craigslist asking for someone that can accept packages, since you will be on holidays and you can't buy the gifts there because of VAT/tax reasons. Tell them they will get like $15 per package.

Use a dead address and place a piece of paper at the front door saying that you will be off to collect your kid from school since he fell down the stairs or sth. like that and that they can leave the package next to the door. O

r tell them your pet just got hit by a car and you had to rush to the vet. The delivery guy will probably not think twice about that.

Make a listing on a local forum saying that you will require personal assistance 2 hours a week paying $15/hour. If someone accepts the offer, tell them they need to accept packages for you and do some other non essential stuff (just be creative). Use them as drop address and pay them accordingly!
The last one might be a bit sketchy, but you could make friends with homeless people and pay them if they can get packages from the post office for you. Just send the package with his name to an address where you know the package will end up in the post office.

Enjoy ❤️👍

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