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How To Build Your Own Android Messenger App

♾✳️ How To Build Your Own
Android Messenger App
Without Coding Skills✳️

♨️💫1,👉 Go to appsgeyser.com 🔥

♨️💫2,👉 Now click on “Create
App“(located in the upper right part of the website), then Choose “Messenger“🔥

💫♨️3,👉 Now Choose the color, Backgrounds according to your choice and Hit Next🔥

💫♨️4,👉 Assign an App name, hit next and then give a description, hit next. Now Choose an icon, you can choose the defalut icons or you can also choose custom icon and hit next🔥

💫♨️5,👉 Now Tap on create and then register on Apps geyser, Simply fill up the registration form and sign

💫♨️6,👉Now they will send you a verify link, Simply verify your account, then go to dashboard and download the App🔥

🎯7,👉finally install the
app and chat. 🎯

🎭Note: The App will take some time to Build🎭


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